Susanna Gioia, the Designer of the Brand, came up with the idea in 2006. She is immersed in a research area realated to the multifuncionality of the clothes.

Inspiration and concept_
“Lemuria is a creation myth that tells of how man has developed his body through the psychic power“.
This philosophical concept was cause of re ection and inspiration for Susanna where she found the correct key to develop Lemuria Collections – Multifunctionality.
“Intuition to bring together different technologies, creating a successful product“.

Distributed since 2007, introduced in a market fasting of conceptual and experimental products, Lemuria has achieved its success thanks to the multifunctionality and innovation of its collections characterized also by traceability. Every single article tag presents an hologram system that guarantees 100% Made in Italy with transparence certi cate.
The production of the collection is completely made in her company, located in Perugia’s province,
with the value of internal processes.

Piazza dei Priori
7 > 20 sept 2020

Via Savona 57
21 > 30 sept 2020