Nu is a passionately creative retail brand for men and women.

Launched in 2002, NU has now 16 stores in 7 different markets.
Collections created by a collaborative team of in-house designers, pattern makers and manufacturers.

Behind the brand 

Our circle of energy creates a unity of emotions in which related souls find each other.

NU women is not defined by age but by the visionary taste which is the main inspiration.
Concentration is -to dress souls not bodies- which for sure led NU to a privileged relation with its customers in years. They simply strive to find something new yet sophisticated uniting elegance with comfort and uniqueness. We deeply believe in the energy created where related souls find each other. Our mission is to serve our philosophy as being unpredictable whereas our vision allows us to set trends; never follow”.

Piazza dei Priori
7 > 20 sept 2020

Via Savona 57
21 > 30 sept 2020