Characterized by minimalist contours and essential shapes, the s°n brand has born beside “serie numerica”, an innovative italian brand, result of the expressive creativity of the stylists Maria de Ambrogio and Stella Tosco.

The idea of s°n is to combine the main brand with a new clothing line with a simpler wearability, keeping the original spirit made of a perfect mix between research and tradition, besides of a thorough attention to detail and a careful selection of materials.

The neat and essential style of s°n defines the knitwear line, and consequently the entire collection, inflected in different variations of materials and production techniques – from cotton to wool, from jersey to popeline – and in different kinds of clothes, designed for brilliant and resolute women.

Piazza dei Priori
7 > 20 sept 2020

Via Savona 57
21 > 30 sept 2020