TOTALLY.H is a luxury artisanal knitwear brand created by the Florentine designer Ombretta Pinzauti

TOTALLY – is the equivalent of a real life style, which includes feelings and emotions lived with totality and fullness, with intensity, generosity and passion, in a constant research of inner and outer beauty.

.H – handmade – the items of the collections are made strictly by hand, needles knitted or crocheted by Tuscan specialized craftswomen.

TOTALLY.H is the result of a carful research with the meaning of creating an harmonic balance among innovative knitting points, high quality yarns and technical treatments, such as sprayed, laminated or resin coated. All processes made on finished piece and added to the traditional handcraft produce real new and unusual creations.


Via degli Ausoni, 3
1 – 16 SEPTEMBER 2019

Basement, room 2 - 3
19 - 22 SEPTEMBER 2019